Oneness is at the heart of the religion of truth – Divisions are created by fake religions

Talk of Dharam Singh Nihang Singh at Muslim-Sikh-Hindu interfaith event in Malerkotla, India, which was attended by around 3000 people

I would like to kindly invite Dharam Singh Nihang Singh ji to speak. We truly respect this wise elder of ours. We are privileged to learn from his knowledge and wisdom. Brothers, I want us all to give a warm memorable welcome from all people at this historic event in Malerkotla.

Shezad Hussein, Moderator of the Muslim-Sikh-Hindu interfaith event in Malerkotla, India, 21. April 2018

My dear brothers from Panjab, Bharat!

It is unfortunate for religion that there are various versions of religion in the world. Religion is actually all about Oneness. When religion is centered around oneness, love, peace, truth and justice flourish in the world. By now, it is well known what happens when people get divided in factions in the very name of religion. Cults, sects, denominations, and other groupism have arisen and lead to quarrels and even hate among those, who follow the foolish game of divisions. When this happens, religion ceases to be religion. It becomes fake a religion.


Religion is the pursuit of the One Supreme Source and truth of all. The pursuit of truth requires honesty, sacrifice and selflessness. When religion gets corrupted by selfishness, it ceases to remain religion. Egoism is the reason behind all divisions – also in the name of religion.

Divisions and groupism weaken and rule us. This is a very common phenomenon in the religions of today. When a religion lacks knowledge of truth, fear of getting exposed will ultimately arise among its followers. Such a fake religion gets weaker and weaker. Those people representing it, fear to lose their authority, status and privileges. Hence they create lies to protect their malicious traditions, thus creating more confusion, divisions and hatred.

Muslim leaders talk about the rights of Muslims, Sikh leaders talk about the rights of Sikhs, Hindu leaders fight for the rights of Hindus and so on. This is not the path of righteousness. This is even dangerous. The outcomes of this communalism are neither beneficial for religious people nor for politicians. We are all witnesses of the outcomes of this. They are painful for everyone, and we all endure it daily.

Our own will and selfishness cause these troubles. If we understand and accept the Divine Wisdom and Will of the Lord, of Allah, of Ram, we will overcome our egoistic self and may find lasting comfort and peace within ourselves. The decision is with us. We can choose between egoism and altruism. Each of us, at all times.

We have two voices in us. One voice is the one of the divine soul. And the other one is the clever voice of our own self, also called mind, Satan or Sheitan. Once the inner pure voice of our soul starts ruling over the voice of the mind, we have begun walking on the religious path of righteousness. When we allow our divine voice, which is directly connected to the Divine Will, to continuously fight against the voice of the mind, we eventually overcome all forms of egoism and identification. This is the greatest sacrifice to the truth. This is a real sacrifice. Those who have made such sacrifices, are eligible to be called religious.

We all call ourselves religious. Yet, we get angry, when we must justify ourselves. We even start arguing and fighting, when someone points out that our deeds are irreligious. The truth is: we are not religious. We just think we are religious. A truly religious person does not start a dispute with anyone. Never.

If those who claim to be religious fight and create disputes, then who will resolve the violence and other problems we face in this world? Selfish people can never solve a problem or dispute in a sustainable manner. They behave like little kids who fight over things. They behave like youngsters with a lot of testosterone. Elder ones on the contrary, put an end to disputes.

In religion, being an elder, is not determined by the age of the physical body. Instead, it is the wisdom that is considered. The one which is full of wisdom, full of truth, full of unity, is eligible to be called an elder. There are numerous examples well known to us of wise ones whose body was young. There is Dhruv, Prahlad, and the eight master Gur Har Krishan. They exemplified what it means to be religious. They were full of wisdom and revealed the truth at very early age. Such wise ones will come throughout the course of times.

We, the people of world, are well aware about what so-called religions and religious people have given to the world. We all have first-hand experience. We know what politicians have done allying with supposedly religious people. We all know what so-called religious people do, once they come in power.

I do not stand here to offend anyone. But it is my duty to remind us of the valuable lessons we have to learn from the past. We all must be aware of preachers, politicians and all others that divide us and cheat with us in the name of religion.

The most powerful force in the world is the truth. There is no force equal to the truth. More and more are becoming lovers of the truth. They are spread over the world. However, they need to unit. The selfish ones are still dominating. They are misleading and eventually hurting people. They are profiting from those who blindly follow them. These selfish people who claim to be altruistic and religious, they join hands with each other only temporarily. They are never truly united. They keep quarreling within their group and with others. Sooner or later, their coalition collapses. This happens to all, who are not united within their hearts.

We the people, need to unite. Uniting Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and others here in Panjab and India, is not enough. All religious people, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, and all other religions must unite all over the world, if we want to save the world from total destruction. World wars cannot be prevented, if politicians do not stand in for truth and justice. If the egoistic trend of grabbing power by hook or crook continues, wars all over the world are going to become a certainty in the future. I have repeatedly talked about this in past. I said it at the conference on religion and the UN 2030 Agenda in Germany a few years ago.

It is acknowledged by all religions of the world that we need to stand in for truth and justice. Unless we unite as one people under the guidance of truth and justice, we are not going to achieve lasting peace. We need to silence those corrupt politicians and so-called preachers, who spread hatred and division among the children of God. They will never stop willingly. We the people, must continue to unite in such gatherings and in town halls all over the world.

All followers of religion, regardless of your background, let us come together, and unite against the divisive forces of selfish ignorance.

I am very thankful to these young men, who have put so much energy into organizing this event, and for having me here today. I always felt that it is my responsibility in this world to bring us all together and have this kind of dialogue. But these young men did the job. They did all the hard work and I feel fortunate to have joined you at this historic gathering today. We need more dialogues like this all over the world among people of all religious backgrounds.

Once the train gets back on the track, it starts moving smoothly.

I am deeply thankful to you all.

Let us all be reminded. It is important that the unity we showed today, is honest and heartfelt. This honesty is only possible, if we consciously decide to overcome our selfishness. This inter-religious event today is a historic and unique event. People from all religions came together, and united against the divisive forces.

The message to the world is loud and clear: We are not divided, we are one!

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa – Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

The Pure Ones – Khalsa – belong to the Wonderful Enlightener – The victory over our egos belongs to the Wonderful Enlightener!

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