What is love?

What is the difference between love and emotional attachment? This is what needs to be understood in the first place. Today, people talk about love all the time. In fact, true love can only be understood on a spiritual level. Whatever can be seen with our eyes, whatever has a physical form, cannot be truly loved. There can be only be attachment to it.

Love is the language of religion. Love is the language of truth.

A cunning person always tries to appropriate and change the language (of religion) to his or her own selfish advantage. People who follow their brain and emotions, and not their heart, we may call them “intellectuals”, are cunning and deceitful and have always been so. Once they tamper with language, words get a false meaning, and therefore leading to false knowledge and understandings.

One can never love something that can be seen with our eyes. The relationship of true love is unbreakable. It is everlasting. A relationship that can break is based on attachment.

We love our own self and the body in the first place. Loving someone else is secondary. In a life and death situation, we tend to save ourselves, regardless of who else is in the same situation. But where there is true love, there is sacrifice. We save the person we love. This is true love.

The warriors of the tenth master Gur Gobind Singh defended themselves in the Battle of Bhangani against the attack of the kings of the Shivalik Hills in 1686 near Paonta Sahib. In the battle, the soldier Hayat Khan challenged Gur Gobind Singh to fight with him. Kirpal Das, who was with the tenth master, did not hesitate to come forward to defend Gur Gobind Singh. He was a true lover. He was a true Sadhu, a religious person with a pure heart.

Love is the merging of two souls, not bodies. Two bodies are separated at latest when one body dies. However, the union of souls cannot even be broken by physical death. This is true love. Every else is attachment. In this sense, it was love that inspired the Sadhu Kirpal Das to defend Gur Gobind Singh. Even though he had no real knowledge of weapons and experience in the battlefield, and despite the fact that the opponents were well trained soldiers with all sorts of weapons, Kirpal Das was prepared to sacrifice himself. This was possible because he truly loved the truth and justice that was spread by Gur Gobind Singh. Pure love gave him power and courage.

“Preet” and “Prem” – love – are the same thing. Love is not about external and materialistic things such as bodies, our children’s physical form, emotions, cars and properties. Instead, love is about listening to the inner divine voice of purity and righteousness within each being.

The relationship between milk and water can help us to understand what true love is. Water alone usually has not a high value. But when water is mixed with milk, its worth instantly increases. It is no longer considered as water. Instead, it is regarded as milk. Now, when we heat this milk, and it comes to the boiling point, the water evaporates first. It protects the milk so to speak. The water saves the milk because there is love for the qualities of the milk. The water sacrifices itself because it realizes that the milk has increased its own value. Nothing of this happens in the case of emotional attachment or in the case of fake love that dominates the world today.

So-called “love” marriages often end in divorce. It happens daily. This love is fake. A spiritual person understands the big difference between love (Prem) and emotional attachment (Moh).

Dharam Singh Nihang Singh

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