Video and audio recordings by Dharam Singh Nihang Singh, the founder of the Sach Khoj Academy

On 16. February 2009, the Sach Khoj Academy marked its entry on the internet for the first time on YouTube. By now, several thousand hours of Gurmat discourses (Vichar) by Dharam Singh Nihang Singh on the basis of Adi Granth and Dasam Granth and oral history (Sine Vasine) have been uploaded by his students.

In his discourses, Dharam Singh Nihang Singh systemically shows where and why people who regard themselves as Sikhs have deviated from the path of righteousness (Dharam), and follow man-made beliefs and teachings (Avideya), business oriented ritualistic practices (Karam Kand) and a rigid code of conduct (Sikh Rahit Maryada) that is based on compromises after ideological disputes of opposing religious and political denominations, and not on Gurbani and the fundamentals of the Khalsa as outlined by Gur Gobind Singh in 1699.

Dharam Singh Nihang Singh talks in detail about the uniqueness of Gurbani. He explains key philosophical concepts of Gurbani like Ved Bani and Sach Dharam (the one truthful religion of spiritual wisdom), the difference between Guru (the One and Only who gifts enlightenment and is never incarnated) and Gur (a man who received the gift of Nam and can therefore explain the process of enlightenment) as well as the divine yet split nature of the soul.

Audio recordings

Video recordings

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