Without spiritual wisdom, successful development is impossible. Good development is like good medicine: it has no side-effects.

The Sach Khoj Academy is dedicated to the pursuit of timeless truth based on universal spiritual wisdom (Gurmat). The academy conducts holistic, critical exegesis, and addresses in depth the nature of spirituality, religion and evolution, as well as existential issues, such as what is good development and how global challenges including terror, corruption, depression and environmental destruction can be overcome. Following the traditional way, the academy passes on spiritual wisdom free of charge.

Role of religion in development - German ministry BMZ.png

Read key insights of Gurmat on sustainable development, presented by the founder of the Sach Khoj Academy – Dharam Singh Nihang Singh – in February 2015 during the dialogue series Religion Matters – Rethinking the Challenges of Tomorrow at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. More …

The Sikh Religion – Gurmat

The Sikh Religion (Sikhi, Sikhism) took on the shape of a unique religion in the 16th century in northern India. Today, around 25 million people regard themselves as Sikhs, seekers of truth. The religion is based on timeless, spiritual wisdom (Gurmat) that was revealed to over 30 enlightened ones and later preserved in written poetry known as Gurbani. It provides inspiration for spreading unity among people and leading a virtuous, modest life in harmony with nature and the Will of the nameless Creator. The Sikh Religion shows how humans can move beyond beliefs and intellectuality through self-realisation of their divine purity.


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