The need of today: Strengthen unity and overcome man-made boundaries through inter-religious dialogue

More than 3000 man and women attended the Muslim-Sikh-Hindu dialogue event “What if we do not even wake up now?” in Malerkotla in Panjab on 21. April 2018. Key talks were held by Muslim scholar Kamal Ali Khan, and Dharam Singh Nihang Singh, the founder of Sach Khoj Academy. Both speakers stressed the need to overcome frictions and to collaborate more closely in order to strengthen peace and justice.

Sach Khoj Academy - Dharam Singh Nihang Singh & students at Malerkotla Muslim-Sikh event (3).jpg

Following the motto of the UN 2030 Agenda “Leaving no one behind”, the Sach Khoj Academy joined hands with the organisers of the Muslim-Sikh Front and attended the interfaith event “What if we do not even wake up now?” (Agar Ab Vi Na Jage To?). The event brings together speakers from various religious backgrounds and aims at spreading a message of unity and harmony.

Muslim scholar and social activist Kamal Ali Khan quoted not only the Quran but also Gurbani in his emotional speech. He highlighted that the message of unity and peace is at the heart of religion. We may call the One and Only Allah, Wahe Guru, Ram or God. But we are referring to the same Almighty One who governs the Universe (Sahib Mera Eko Hai). Kamal Ali Khan further said that truthful Muslims are citizens who are loyal to the nation they live in. That is why Muslims love to live in India. At the same time Muslims wish to receive more love from their fellow citizens. He warned that those who raise slogans against Muslims, and create resentments against religious minorities, play a dangerous game since it creates divisions and hatred.

Dharam Singh Nihang Singh emphasised that according to Gurmat – timesless spiritual wisdom, which is preserved in Gurbani – there is only one truthful religion (Sach Dharam). It may be called by different names. But it is those religion which is the religion of Allah, God, Ram or Parmeshar. It is that religion which spreads love, unity and virtues. It is that religion which helps overcoming man-made boundaries, and provides convincing and non-contradictory answers to all spiritual questions in life.

Dharam Singh Nihang Singh stressed that it is a sign of religious unawareness when we talk about “our community”, “our rights”, and “our religion”, since religion is all about creating Oneness and transforming the “I” into the “You”. He stated that egoism and ignorance has created communalism, nationalism and other forms of group-isms in the very name of religion and spoiled the actual mission of Oneness of all religious scriptures. Dharam Singh Nihang Singh made it a point that it is high time for all those who call themselves religious – Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Buddhists and Christians – to learn from past mistakes, renounce the destructive force of egoism (Savarath) and start walking on the path of altruism (Parmarath) and naturalness. Only then, the challenges we all are facing as humankind could be overcome.

ਬੋਲੀਐ ਸਚੁ ਧਰਮੁ ਝੂਠੁ ਨ ਬੋਲੀਐ ॥

Being truthful and overcoming falsehood, this is the religion of truth (Sach Dharam).

(Adi Granth 488, Sheikh Farid)

Rajvinder Singh Bains, son of renown Sikh justice Ajit Singh Bains, who is a senior advocate at Panjab and Haryana High Court, accompanied Dharam Singh Nihang Singh. He was honored as a chief guest by the organisers. Rajvinder Singh Bains emphasised that a truthful Muslim is as beautiful as a truthful Sikh and Hindu.

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